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Our Product Descriptions:

Down Bed Pillows   


Get your Goose Down and Feather Pillows direct  from us, at wholesale prices.  We manufacture quality Down Pillows in our Miami, Fl  facility (truly made in the USA), thus ensuring the finest raw materials and the highest quality workmanship.

In the Hungarian 800 and 700 series of  Down Pillows, we use Hungarian white goose down rated at a minimum of  800 and 700 fill power, respectively. The cover is an exquisite 438 thread count, 100% Egyptian comb cotton, chosen for it's superb finish and silk like feel.

In the 600+ Down Pillows we use  white goose down rated conservatively at 600 fill power, and the cover is a high quality 300 thread count, 100% cotton, again chosen for for it's excellent feel and finish.

The 575  White Duck Down Pillows are our answerer to the department store offerings. However, we not only came up with a higher quality down pillow, but we did it for less. We use a high   575 fill power white duck down, and a high quality 300 thread count, 100% cotton cover, that's noiseless ( will not make "crackling" sounds )  with a great feel and finish... A fantastic value!


Down and Feather Pillows  (blend)

The Down and Feather Pillows, as the name implies,  are made from  mix blend of Down and Feathers. We offer three blends  50% down / 50% feathers,   30% down / 70% feathers,  and the least expensive 10% down / 90% feathers.

In the 50/50, and in the 30/70 blend we use very small white feathers, mix with the down to minimize the feel of the feather stems.  The cover is a quality 200 thread count, 100% cotton, solid white down proof ticking. Well filled.

The 10/90 is our least expensive down and feather pillow, we use small grey feathers mix with down,and the cover is a quality 200 thread count, 100% cotton, solid white down proof ticking. The cover been 100% cotton  is noiseless ( will not make "crackling" sounds ) and the pillows are well filled.


Down Alternative Pillows / Down-like

For the web store, we offer down alternative pillows in the three best polyester fibers available for the trade, each with it's unique characteristics and applications;  we have the Durasoff  conjugated fiber, the Cluster ( spiral ) fiber, and the Down-like ( micro denier ) fiber. We not only use the best fibers, but excellent corded covers as well. On the cluster and down-like pillows we actually went as far as use the 200 tc down proof cover, and  for the durasoff  pillows we are using a very nice 180 tc.

Although these down alternative pillows are less expensive than the down and feather pillows, polyester fiber technology has come a long way in sleeping comfort  and  durability. These down alternative pillows are great for guest rooms or just as extra bed pillows, you will be surprise at how comfortable these pillows are, specially the down-like micro denier.

We sell the down alternative line for much less than you will find them in department stores,  yet whether is a sleeping  pillow or a body pillow, we have not compromise on the quality.


Body Pillows and Maternity Pillows

body Pillow


We offer a full line of  body pillows, with your choice of  fill;  from the Hungarian Down 800 to the less expensive down alternatives ( down-like polyester fiber).

We offer three sizes 20" x 54" , 20" x 60', and the larger size 20" x 72" . We have customers who have used them for maternity pillows.


Travel Pillows


We offer the travel pillows in two size, 12" x 16" and 16" x 20".  Perfect to take on trips. They come corded, and are great looking little pillows.  You can get them in your choice of fills, ranging from 10/90 down-feather blend to Hungarian Down. The cover also varies from a high quality 200 thread count, down proof ticking up to the  438 thread count, beautifully finished, Egyptian Comb Cotton.  Choose your travel pillows in the size and  filling material that's right for you.


Pillow Cases and Pillow Protectors

We offer PILLOW CASES (no zippers) and  PILLOW PROTECTORS (they are like pillow cases, but with zippers).  The cases and protectors are available in; 200, 300, and 438 thread count,  ALL are white, down proof ticking. The 438, is an exquisitely finished, Egyptian Comb Cotton  fabric.

We also make custom case or protector for a pillow that you already own, just call our toll free number for a quote (866)-Pillow1

Allergy Pillow Protectors

All sizes of our zippered pillow protectors are now also available in Pristine; made from tightly woven yams, providing a true physical barrier (9 microns) against allergens and dust mites, yet allowing air to flow freely. This fabric is soft, comfortable, washable in hot water, and noise free. In addition, pristine is treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield, to inhibit the growth of microorganism, as well as control of mold, mildew, and odors on the surface of the fabric.... Pristine  provides true protection and air flow.  Now you can enjoy a quality down pillow even if you had allergy problems in the past .


Decorator Inserts


Royal Pillow manufactures custom inserts and pillow forms (throw pillows inserts) in almost any size or shape size, and in your choice of cloth, non-woven, or down proof ticking. We offer different grades of polyester fibers, as well as, a full range of down/feather fillings. We also make custom envelopes (inserts seats/backs for sofas and chairs)  to your specifications; just send, or fax us your patterns for the seats and backs of your sofas or chairs.

We manufacture custom inserts in both solid filled, with channels, or "envelope" style with foam in the center and channeled filled compartments on top and bottom. The fill can be your choice of polyester fiber or any down/feather combination including 100% down.  Generally, the solid construction is used for back cushions, while the envelope style (with the foam core center) is used for seats. If you are interested in giving you favorite sofa, or chair a "make over",  call us and we will give you a quote.


Hotel Pillows

We have experience making pillows for hotels and resorts, and can offer a cost effective solution. Polyester or feather  pillows, made to endure institutional use, at the very lowest prices without sacrificing quality .

FREE DELIVERY  in the Dade and Broward County, and some areas in West Palm Beach  with any order of only $100 or more! For hotels and motels  outside the area, we compress the pillows to economize on the shipping cost. Get your pillows straight form our manufacturing plant and also save on shipping.



Hospital Pillows

We make two types of hospital pillows, a disposable pillow using a non-woven cover, and a reusable pillow. The reusable model uses the SPEC-TEX cover that meets Federal Standards 141A for antifungal, and Std 191 for flame resistance


By selling direct, Royal Pillow delivers prompt service, at substantial savings to you, the individual customer. Shop online, or call us, at our toll free number (866) Pillow1; we are always happy to serve you.