Hungarian Goose Down

Facts and Information:

Royal Pillow uses only the finest Hungarian Goose Down in it's top of the line Down Bed Pillows. Hungarian Goose Down is special for a number of reasons

  • Most important is the fact that the Hungarian Goose Down industry is good for the geese. Careful and professional handling of the birds themselves insures their health and the ability to harvest their valuable down, by hand, over the course of years.

  • Other 'down' production sources actually harvest lesser quality feathers in the process of harvesting the meat of the birds which include not just geese but also ducks and even chickens. The Hungarian goose down industry has been renewable for centuries as their geese have been bred specifically for there quality of down.

  • Hungary's climate is very cold for months out of the year! That means that the geese that live there have thicker and better insulating down clusters. This results in an incredibley comfortable and resilient pillow which will last for many years.

  • Hungarian goose down offers superior warmth to weight ratio and will not clump or mat the way lesser quality down products and most polyester fills will. .

  • Our Hungarian Goose Down Pillows covered in one of our 438 thread count covers offers one of the most luxurious sleeping experiences possible.