Proper Care of Your Down and Feather Pillows

Your pillows work hard and sometimes play hard too!

With proper care they will last for many years..


  • Step 1: Cover your pillow with a pillow case at all times.

  • Step 2: Buy a pillow cover with a zipper for an extra layer of protection under your pillow case. This will also help those who have allergies.

  • Step 3: Clean the pillow cover and case regularly to keep your pillow fresh.

  • Step 4: Launder or dry-clean your pillow yearly.

  • Step 5: Spot-treat any stains before you wash your pillow if you're going to machine wash it.

  • Step 6: Wash the pillow in cold water using a detergent that has a degreaser so that oils are removed. Follow the pillow manufacturer's instructions for specific detergents to use.

  • Step 7: Very gently squeeze out any excess water from the pillow after washing.

  • Step 8: Dry the pillow with the dryer set on its lowest setting; put a tennis ball in with the pillow so that the fill moves as it dries.

  • Step 9: Store your pillow in a dry and well-ventilated closet or room when you are not using it, in order to avoid mildew.


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