Down Alternative and Down-Like Gel Pillows


We carry 3 types of synthetic-fiber filled pillows:

Cluster Pillows,  Micro- Denier Gel Pillows, and the Durasoff.

Each of these have their own unique feel and are very economical.

When compared to department stores our down alternative pillows not only beat their prices but are made with much higher standards.


Cluster Pillows

Cluster fiber consist of conjugated polyester fiber spun into little, bean size balls. Sleeping pillows made out of cluster fiber  have the advantage, that when they are "fluffed", the little fiber balls rearrange inside the pillow (regroup ), increasing the life of the pillow. Not all cluster fibers are created equal, some are softer than others. It goes without saying, that we have taken great care ( just like with the dura soff fiber above ), to offer  you an extremely soft fiber, that's excellent to sleep on, and  priced much lower than department stores. The cover is a high quality 200 thread count, white ticking, not commonly found cluster pillow, or at this price range.

Down-like Gel Pillows

The Down-like Pillows are made from a micro-denier (.9 denier) polyester fiber, often referred to as "Gel fiber". They are intended to emulate the feel of Down pillows, very soft fiber, BUT  very little "bounce", just like down. The cover is a high quality 200 thread count, white ticking.

Durasoff Pillows

This is our least expensive Polyester pillow that we sell in our web store, DON'T  let the LOW PRICE fool you, this is one of the VERY BEST  polyester fibers  use in sleeping pillows, far softer  than anything offered in department stores at more than twice the price... A REAL BARGAIN!!!  The cover is a 180 thread count, white ticking.

As mentioned in the home page,  polyester fiber technology has come a long way in sleeping comfort  and  durability, with the advent of these specialty fibers (micro-denier Gel & Cluster spiral balls). These pillows are great not just for the guest rooms, or for extra bed pillows, but very comfortable to sleep on as well.


STANDARD SIZE (20" x 26") pillows

Cluster Pillows                             $9   

Down-Like Gel Pillows                 $9          

Durasoff Pillows                           $6   



QUEEN  SIZE (20" x 30") pillows

Cluster Pillows                            $10  

Down-Like Gel Pillows                $10                 

Durasoff Pillows                            $7  



KING SIZE (20" x 36") pillows

Cluster Pillows                          $13  

Down-Like Gel Pillows              $13                 

Durasoff Pillows                          $8   



EUROPEAN SIZE (27" x 27") pillows

Cluster Pillows                          $14 

Down-Like Gel Pillows              $14          

Durasoff Pillows                        $10  



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Special Promotion

For a limited only: We are offering  a special on our  Down-Like,  Micro Denier ( GEL) Fiber Pillows,  with a beautiful  white on white pattern, 200 thread count, backfilled and calender cover, usually used in the more expensive feather pillows. These are VERY high quality, extremely comfortable, at a very low promotional price... They will represent our company well. 

These pillows are not just great for all the spare bedrooms, or for extra bed pillows, these  micro fiber pillows are so comfortable, most likely  you will find yourself sleeping on them!.

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$ 7.99 STANDARD 20" x 26"  


$ 8.99 QUEEN 20" x 30"        


$ 9.99 KING 20" x 36"                    




We are also offering  a  14" x 24"  lumbar pillow, with the same beautiful cover

$ 7.99 LUMBAR 14" X 24"  



 See Also our Premium Down Pillows  and our Feather Pillows


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Shipping: Royal Pillow orders are shipped from our facility within 7-10 working days from receipt of your order. ADD to that, what the carrier takes ( OVERNIGHT, 2nd day air, 3 day ground ...etc). If you choose NEXT DAY SHIPPING, please don't expect your order to arrive "next day", we still have to make your order. We are a custom, to order, pillow manufacturer and do not keep backstock on our products.
UPS ground is the most cost effective way to ship pillows, other options may turn out to be expensive.
We are in Miami, allow an additional  3 to 6 daysfor UPS to deliver (3 days to NY,  6 days to CA).
If you need your order expedited, contact us and we should be able to accommodate your special needs.
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