Allergen Barrier Pillow Covers

Complete Protection For Allergy Sufferers

ALLERGY PROTECTORS (they are like pillow cases, but with zippers), we have them available for ALL the pillows that we make. We can also make a custom protectors for pillows that you already own, just call our toll free number (866)-Pillow1 (866.745.5691) and give us your measurements for a free quote.

All sizes of our zippered pillow protectors are now also available in Pristine which is made of very tightly woven yarns, providing a true physical barrier (9 microns) against allergens and dust mites, yet allowing air to flow freely. This fabric is soft, comfortable, washable in hot water, and noise free It provides true protection and "breathability".  In addition, pristine is treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield, to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, as well as control mold,  mildew, and odors on the surface of the fabric.

Now you can enjoy a quality down pillow even if you had allergy problems in the past.


Pristine can also be very effective in stopping allergens in your pet bedding,  in case they are allergic to not only to feather or down, but to other fillings and materials commonly used in bedding industry....We can make an inexpensive cover for you, again,  just call or E-mail us with your dimensions, we are here to assist you. 

Pristine Allergen Covers For:

     Bed Pillows

Standard  size        (20"x26")       $6.70   

Queen  size             (20"x30")       $7.90  

King  size                (20"x36")       $8.90  

European  size      (27"x27")     $11.70  


    Body Pillows

Small  size            (20"x54")     $12.40   

Medium size        (20"x60")      $13.70   

Large size            (20"x72")      $15.70    


    Travel Pillows

Small size           (12"x16")         $3.05   

Large size           (16"x20")          $4.50   


Keep in mind that we can also make a custom protector (with zipper) for a pillow that you already own, just call our toll free number: (866)-Pillow1 (866-745-5691), and give us your measurements, for a quote


Shipping: Royal Pillow orders are shipped from our facility within 7-10 working days from receipt of your order. ADD to that, what the carrier takes ( OVERNIGHT, 2nd day air, 3 day ground ...etc). If you choose NEXT DAY SHIPPING, please don't expect your order to arrive "next day", we still have to make your order. We are a custom, to order, pillow manufacturer and do not keep backstock on our products.
UPS ground is the most cost effective way to ship pillows, other options may turn out to be expensive.
We are in Miami, allow an additional  3 to 6 daysfor UPS to deliver (3 days to NY,  6 days to CA).
If you need your order expedited, contact us and we should be able to accommodate your special needs.
For the moment we are not exporting outside the United States.